Prince EXO3 Tour 16×18

I got to play doubles with this stick Tuesday evening.  I have been using the Wilson 6.1 starting from the ProStaff 6.1 Classic to the 6.1 95 BLX most of my tennis life.  I wasn’t too sure how the Prince EXO3 Tour 16×18 would feel since it is only 10.9oz unstrung as opposed to my 6.1 with a 11.7oz unstrung weight.  I was also worried about the 100in headsize instead of 95in like my 6.1.

Well neither mattered.  I loved it!  With the lighter weight I was able to whip the stick so quickly to generate tremendous racquet head speed.  With the faster racquet head speed I was able to generate massive spin when needed (like my kick serve) or hit a flat penetrating ball (like a high forehand).  I could feel the flexibility of the racquet upon contact especially my gourndies.  I believe that is why I was able to keep the ball low and in play.  My worries of the 100in head being too powerful quickly went away after my first forehand return winner.  When I went back to the shop I tested the stiffness of the stick on my RDC machine.  It came up 52ra!  In other words it is very very flexible.  I’m curious to try the tour in singles. 

Mindy is testing the racquet today and I can’t to hear her opinion of it.


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